Rainbow after the rain!

There is a proverb said that “There is always rainbow after the rain” and also there is another one said “There is always light after the dark”. I really believe those words. I believe, Allah have a brilliant plan than I thought. Allah is a good Director. I really feel blessed for what I have now. A lot of good news came at the same time. Together with something that has been gone, but yeah,, I got the better one. Love, life, job. Everything is unpredictable. I never thought about this kind of things before. I never had imagined will gonna have job in such a good place.

Earlier this month, I got an email from the company that I have applied long long time ago. They ask for Writing Test. The writing test has conducted the day after I received the email. Only a day after that, I got the respond from them that my writing test has passed, and they gonna proceed for interview. There are 2 interviews, both were through Skype. The first interview I did in my home, and the second interview was done when I was in Melbourne. The Company name is DGiT International Pte Ltd. The main office is located in Melbourne, and they have a branch here in Indonesia, which is in Bali. Thats pretty cool isn’t it? I never had imagined will gonna work in Paradise Island. :-P

Yesterday, Alhamdulillah I received an email from them said “There is a good news from our office in Melbourne. We would be glad to have you joining the company at our Bali office”. I’m so excited. SUPER EXCITED. Is it real? Is it true? Ya Allah, many thanks for all of this that you gave me to me. Is it coincidence or something? For sure, I really forgot when I apply to this company. I never imagined that I got the news after my contract with current company has been ended. And I dont know why the main office is in Melbourne. :-P What kind of fate is this? :-P Suddenly all good news came before and after I went for my Australia trip. Why I choose Australia in the first place? Hahhaa… Allah know better than me. These are the best birthday gift ever!!

However, I’m not forget as well. There are people that might be sad about this news. Which is my family especially my parents. I know they are also happy to hear the good news, but they are also sad because I need to leave again. Living far for them again. Only 1 year I’ve stayed with them, now I need to leave again. But, this is for them as well. Maybe there is someone that think that I’m selfish, I only thinking about my happiness. That’s not true. Better not to judge other people if you didn’t know anything! :-)

Lets start a new life with new love, new environment, new job but never forget all the people that always beside you in every situation, and forget all the people that ever hurt you. Thanks to all people that ever hurt me, because of them, I have more courage to be a better person!! :-) Allah know the best!

I feel blessed! I couldnt ask for more! Many thanks for all support. Family, best friends, friends, and all kind people that always support me. I love you so muuucccchhh!!!


Love -elsyaFhani- <3

Its a New Journey, Perhaps?

I’m back.. :D

Yeah,, I just came back from my Australia trip. It was a great and amazing trip ever! I really have fun and a lot of good memories when I was in Australia, especially in Melbourne. Now, I will not writing about how was my trip, but I will tell a story about someone that really make me feel love again. Maybe ‘Love’ is very generous word. But yeah, thats the best word to describe how I feel right now. Lets start.. :-D

-Don’t judge a book by its cover-

I will post his photo’s for the first time in this blog. Maybe a lot of from you will have a comment like : Why him? Don’t you think he is old for you? and anything else that related to age. Whats wrong with age? It doesn’t matter for me. That really matter for me is he love me, he really respect me, and he respect my family as well. So, whatever other people talk about him or about us, really, it doesn’t work at all. :-)

So, let me introduce him. His name is Recep Kirkil, but people called him Danny, and I called him Baby (hahaha :p). He is Australian but  Turkish descent. He stayed in Melbourne, have own business, and  he is a web designer. Age? Ofcourse older than me, but its just a number. :-) and the important thing, he is a Muslim. We know each other about a month ago. He started talked to me through Skype, chatting through Viber, video call through Facetime. Everyday! We did it everyday. I don’t know if its coincidence or something. But its just happen a month before my trip to Melbourne and Sydney began.

First time I saw him through video call, I’m a bit scared. No, its not because how he looks, but I’m scared how if I start to like him and love him? How if I expecting too much and will disappoint later? Am I ready to start all this things? If I start to open my heart again, means I need to be ready to have wound again. But as far as I knew him, before or after we met, he is a good guy. Its like I’ve found something that I really want. I like him just the way he is.

He is very kind, very mature, he is a good listener and also a good adviser. He really respect me, and I respect him either. When we talk, he always focused on me. He’s not really a person that crazy about gadget. He never playing his phone while we have a conversation. That’s what I love about him. We knew each other about a month before finally we met in Melbourne. On my first day I came to Melbourne, he came to Airport to pick me up, and bring me to sightseeing around the city. He hold my hand when we cross the street, and wherever we walked, he always hold my hand. It just make me feel really comfortable and safe. he took care for all the details, like he have prepared a Turkish bread for my breakfast (I’m not fasting on that day :p), he took care until I got simcard and internet connection, so I can called my family. (Eventhough he allowed me to use his phone to call my mom.) :p . We went to Victoria Market, he bought me a puffy jacket. That’s really sweet. He really didn’t allowed me to pay anything if I’m with him. He is super kind. After that we went to Eureka Tower and Royal Exhibition Building.

photo 1

I have an appointment dinner with friend on that day, so he gave me a permission to have a dinner with my friend, and he will pick me up once finish. I’ve finished dinner with my friend around 8PM. He already awaits me outside. And we just went to nearest coffee shop, and talking about anything until night. Its only the first day I’m with him, but I already fell in love. I feel comfortable around him. He really spoiled me. I love it!

Thanks baby


There was one night we went to the empty beach, its St. Kilda Beach (I knew its winter and very windy that night :-p).  But Its really romantic for me. We walked in the beach with very cold sand, holding hands, and talking about whats the future plan. Is sweet isnt it? :-P And also there was a moment when we met some a stranger that he help in the street. That guy ask him, if we are married couple? And you know what his answer? He hold my wrist and told the guy that we are engaged and will gonna married soon this year. I’m a bit shock and happy to hear his answer. Its not because he said that we will gonna married this year, but its because how proud he is to introduce me as a fiance to some a stranger. And still a lot of things that really make me happy when I was with him. He always teased me whenever I got angry or not in the good mood, until I can laugh again. :-D I love him even more.




Thanks for everything baby!! Hope Allah give us permission to love each other until Jannah :). I love you!

“Don’t ever empty the bucket of mystery. Never let people define what you do. It’s not about zigging when you should zag. It’s not about doing something unprecedented and unpredictable. It’s just about never being a word, or something that is not in the process of transformation. – Marilyn Manson”



When Something Called ‘Love’ come again!

Lately I really feel alive again. Is it too fast or maybe its normal? But yeah, thats life.. We need to move on. We cant stuck living in the past. Past is past someone said. So here we go the story….
The other day, I’ve talked to my mom. ‘Mom, how if I don’t want to have ‘relationship’ anymore?’ Because I feel really enjoy with my single life after the divorce. I don’t have any responsibility anymore for someone else life. I only think what is best for me and my family. Nothing else! I have a lot of friends and ofcourse my bestfriend that always be there for me. I can have a lot of time to spending with them. I feel like my life is better now and I can traveling as much as I can. Its perfect isn’t it? But my mom only said “Please do not ever have thoughts like that, you are still young, now just enjoy your life first, I believe something better will come after this. Just pray, pray and ofcourse ikhtiar. Be patient!” :) Herrmm.. I know my mom and family really worried about me. They worry I will have a trauma and doesn’t want to build a commitment in relationship anymore. I’m happy they can pretend like nothing happen in front of me! Thats become my spirit!
But from time to time, I thinking, maybe will be better to have someone that give you love, simply attention and can talk everything you want to tell them. Maybe I need to start again now, I need to open my heart again for someone. Until I met this guy. I’ve met this guy from somewhere. We only knew less that a month. But I really feel comfortable with him. But still, I don’t have any confidence because of my current status as divorced woman. I’ve told him that I’m single now, but I have married before. And I ask “It does matter for you?” And I really like his answer. I think its kind of open minded person. He said “It doesn’t matter. I don’t care about your past. That is your past. Past is past. Why we need to care about that? I only want your present and future” *melted* Heheehe…
He’s mature, kind, respect me and my family. I’ve introduced him to my family. So he is the first guy that I bring to myfamily. And Alhamdulillah all my family is happy to hear that. They really support me. When I introduce him to my mom, he’s very polite. I really love it. Eventhough we only knew for less than a month, but I feel know him for a long long time ago. We are always communicate everyday. Facetime, video call through Skype and also phone call through Viber. Btw, he stay in Melbourne. Thats why. :-D
I really feel energized now. From I open my eyes, until I close my eyes. From morning till night.. I never have a feeling like this for the time being. But now, I’m really happy to have you. :-)
I hope everything is gonna be alright and running smoothly.. I just go with the flow.. No need to rush.. Just enjoying my lovey dovey day with him.. :-)


Thoughts become feelings, feelings become love and love comes from the heart -Wazim Shaw-


Thank You

Terima kasih, Thank you, Kamsahamnida, dan istilah-istilah lain nya yang ada didunia ini. Ya, saya ingin mengucapkan itu untuk orang yang pernah ada dalam hidup saya, walaupun singkat. Seperti nya ini adalah saat yang tepat untuk mengucapkan ini kepada kamu yang pernah ada dalam hidup saya selama hampir lebih dari 7 tahun kita saling mengenal. Ini adalah salah satu media yang memungkinkan bagi saya untuk mengungkapkan betapa berterimakasih nya saya atas segala yang sudah kita lalui. Semoga kamu dengan tidak sengaja, membacanya.. :-) Mungkin tidak akan ada kesempatan untuk saya secara langsung mengucapkan ini. Walau bagaimanapun kita pada saat ini dan keadaan ini, kita pernah sama2 merasakan kebahagiaan, keceriaan, kesedihan, menjalani bagaimana susah nya hidup dan bekerjasama agar kita tetap bisa terus menjalani hidup. So,, here we go..

Dear You,

Tanpa tersadar, ketika mau menulis semua ini, tiba2 saya terbayang semua kenangan2 baik manis dan pahit selama kita bersama. Dan tiba2 juga,, dengan bodoh nya saya ingin menangis mengenang itu semua. Bahkan ada selintas pertanyaan, “Haruskah saya menangisinya? Pantas kah saya menangisi semua ini?”. Ya, its too painful for me, sampai terkadang aq menertawakan diri sendiri, mempertanyakan,, kenapa saya harus menangis?

Cerita kita berawal dengan tiba2, berkenalan dari sebuah media chatting yang teramat sangat random, sampai kita memutuskan untuk saling mengenal lebih jauh lagi, dan jauh lagi sampai ke arah yang lebih serius,, dan sampai akhir nya here we are.. Divorced!! Aq yakin semua ini sudah Allah takdirkan, right? Aq akan selalu ingat semua kebaikan kamu, kamu yang dari awal aq pindah ke Bandung yang selalu ada dan membantu mempersiapkan kelengkapan untuk OSPEK, kamu yang selalu membawa makanan klo aq lagi sakit, karena aq termasuk orang boros, kamu selalu mengingatkan aq untuk tidak boros,, tapi pada akhir nya, kamu selalu memberi uang jajan kamu disaat uang aq kehabisan sebelum waktu nya. Hehehe..

Kamu yang selalu tahan terhadap rengekan2 saya, dan akhir nya kamu menyerah dan menuruti apa yang saya mau. It is sweet, isn’t it? Kita sering bertengkar, tapi tidak pernah lama. Hanya dalam 1 atau 2 jam, semua nya kembali seperti tidak ada pernah terjadi apa2. Pada waktu itu, saya sangat yakin, kamu hanya melakukan itu hanya pada saya seorang. Saya mempercayai semua kata2 kamu, kalau kamu sangat mencintai saya, begitupun Saya. Saya yang sebetulnya kecewa karena tidak pernah mendapatkan hadiah disaat ulang tahun saya, tapi saya selalu berterima kasih dan tidak marah karena kamu tidak memberi hadiah berupa barang yang bisa dibeli pakai uang, tapi sebagai ganti nya, kita selalu bisa menghabiskan waktu di hari ulang tahun kita masing2. Tapi saya menganggap, waktu itu lebih berharga daripada hadiah yang bisa dinilai dengan uang. Right? Or I’m too hypocrite? Tapi ya itu lah yang saya rasakan. Saya selalu berterimakasih karena selama 7 tahun berturut2, kamu yang selalu ada di hari ulang tahun saya. That’s enough for me. :-) Dan untuk tahun ini dan seterus nya,, saya akan mulai membiasakan diri, kalau kamu tidak akan ada disamping saya dihari ulang tahun saya. :-)

Awal 3 tahun pertama, kita backstreet dari keluarga, sampai akhir nya, kamu mengenalkan saya kepada orang tua dan keluarga kamu atau lebih tepat nya,, saya yang memaksa kamu dan sedikit mengancam dan selalu bilang,, ‘Kenapa kamu tidak mau mengenalkan saya sama orang tua kamu? Berarti kamu tidak serius ya? Hubungan ini cuma main2 ya??” dan lain sebagainya, sampai akhir nya dia memutuskan untuk mempertemukan saya dengan orang tua nya. Hehehe. Dengan sedikit scenario,, Jadi hari sabtu, orang tua kamu datang ke Bandung, dan ada di kost’an kamu,, dan saya pada saat bersamaan itu, datang ke kost’an kamu,, dengan berpura-pura tidak tahu menahu klo ada orang tua kamu.. Hehehe.. So childish right? You still remember this? For me,, I always remember every details our relationship :-)

Setalah saya kenal dengan orangtua kamu dan adik2 kamu, bahkan kakak2 kamu dan semua keluarga lain nya, saya merasa hidup saya berubah selama di Bandung. Saya seolah punya keluarga baru, yang baru kenal belum lama saja sudah dianggap sebagai keluarga. Dan saya pun sebaliknya,, saya sudah menganggap mereka sebagai orangtua saya sendiri. Setiap ada acara keluarga di Bandung, saya selalu di telpon oleh Ibu atau Bapak kamu untuk ikut. I love them. Really love them so much. Thank you, kamu udah mengenalkan saya kepada orang-orang yang bisa menerima saya apa ada nya. Terima kasih banyak telah menjadikan saya bagian dari keluarga kamu. Walaupun rasanya sangat singkat karena harus berakhir. Semoga hubungan keluarga ini tidak akan berhenti sampai disini. Itu yang saya harapkan. Tolong sampaikan rasa terima kasih saya untuk semua keluarga,, dan juga saya memohon maaf kalau selama ini saya ada menyakiti siapapun di keluarga kamu. :-)

Tiba-tiba, terputar lagu Christina Perry – A Thousand Years di playlist saya. Dan tiba2 flashback,, Karena ini adalah lagu wajib yang ada di setiap kita karaoke. :-) See,, banyak kenangan-kenangan yang entah butuh berapa lama untuk saya melupakan nya. Mungkin butuh A thousand years? Hehehe.. But I still need to move on as fast as I can.

So here we are now. Allah only gave us time 5.5 years in relationship, and 2 years we’ve married. Semua nya sudah Allah takdirkan. I believe that. Everything happens for some reason. Right? I hope you will find someone better than me, someone that you will love until the end, someone that will take care of your parents and family, someone that can give you a child, someone that can make you happy and someone that will accompany you from time to time until you grow old and older. :-)

Thanks for all the memories that we have created from 2006 until 2013. At the first place, I feel like I wasted my 7 years with you,, but I didn’t feels like that now. I hope you can fulfill your dream with someone that you love. :-) Good luck for your future. Thanks for everything. Thank you for always being there for me at that time. Thank you so much and sorry for everything I’ve done to you that make you hurt. :)


Sometimes, I forget to thank the people who make my life so happy in so many ways. Sometimes, I forget to tell them how much I really do appreciate them for being an important part of my life. Today is just another day, nothing special going on. So thank you, all of you, just for being there for me!


Short Trip to Kuala Lumpur

Last weekend was great!! Yeah, I went to Kuala Lumpur last weekend. From 16th – 20th April 2014. Actually it was long weekend, because last Friday is Public Holiday here in Jakarta, and also, I’ve invited to my friend wedding in Kuala Lumpur. So, I decided to go to Kuala Lumpur then. It was great. Meeting an old friends and colleagues as well. That was my plan. :-D Before I came to KL, I already have a scheduled to meet a people. Because it was a short trip, so I really want to have a quality time.

My flight was on 16th April, 9PM. So I arrived in Kuala Lumpur on 17th 00.15 AM. From KLIA, I took KLIA Express train to KL sentral and continue taxi to Pantai Hillpark Condominium. I arrived at Pantai Hillpark around 1.30 AM. It was really tired. But I also excited because I can go to my previous office in the morning. Since the public holiday is 18th April, so I promised to my boss, I will work from KL on 17th April. :-P

Day 1 – Working at TM Annexe

I woke up quite early in the morning. Actually I still super sleepy. But maybe I’m too excited to come to office. Hahaha. I already have appointment with my boss. She will fetch me. Since I dont have a simcard yet, so I asked Ricky to come with me, so I can borrow his phone to call Ryn. :-P Hehehhee.. 10 AM, she came, and only around 10 minutes, we have arrived at TM Annexe 2. Oh ya, I met Wieke as well. So we were went together. :-D Here we are,, My Partner in Crime.. Wieke Goemansalangi. :-D

My Partner In Crime


How’s the office? It was a bit different. Maybe because a lot of people have resigned already, so it feels like empty. Some of my colleagues was shocked to see me back to office again. But unfortunately, I only working in TM Annexe office for 1 day only. LoL. Oh yeah, on that day, Testing Team had  a farewell lunch for one of member testing team. Servi’s farewell. We were having lunch at Nando’s, Mid valley Megamall. Thanks a lot guys. :-)



L-R >> Mei, KelShen, Ryn, Haini, Naqiah, Safrina, Pricil, Singgih, Servy, me, and Wieke

The rest of the day, nothing special. Working as usual. Only different place. :-P

Day 2 – Its a Good Friday – Off Day!

I already have plan for Friday. I went to Suria KLCC, for window shopping (alone ofcourse :-P ), and since there are a friends that working near KLCC, so we decided to have lunch together in KLCC. I met Ilyana and Iqbal’s wife. Ilyana is ex-Accenturian. So we were working together before.


L-R : Ilyana, Me, Desy and Fad (Iqbal’s wife), and the one who took this , Leo! :-)



Me & Ilyana at Suria KLCC \

2 PM, its time for Ilyana to go back to her office. Me? Ofcourse I was really enjoyed my ‘Me’ time. Walking around KLCC, took picture, Windows shopping, watching movie, and eating. I never had time  like that since I’m in Jakarta. So, I’m really happy.


G2000 Fashion Show @ Suria KLCC


Hello twin! :)


Nice Dessert @ Hui Lau Shan ;p


Watching ‘Rio 2′ alone. @ TGV KLCC

Thats it. It was an awesome ‘day off’ in Kuala Lumpur. ^^v

Day 3 – Its Saturday. Its time for Party!

Finally the day has come. Yeap, 19th April 2014 it’s Atiqah’s wedding reception in Shah Alam. But the reception held on 8 PM. So, saturday afternoon, I can go to buy some snacks to bring for my family. So, I decided to go to Mid Valley Megamall, yeap alone again. I was really craving for porridge at ‘I Love Yoo’, so I bought the porridge as my brunch menu, and for the drink, I bought Chatime Strawberry Pudding Au Lite. This flavour is not available in Chatime Indonesia. :-P

Once finish, I went to Charles & Keith shop. Actually, I dont have plan for shopping, but when I saw this bag and wallet, I already fell in love with the design and ofcourse the colour. Hmmm.. I feel guilty.. But, its guilty pleasure.. LoL.. But, I said to my self, its okay, you never bought a bag and wallet for a long time. So just buy it! Then, I just bought it with no doubts. :p


How How? Its cute right? *wink*

Ok, enough with Charles and Keith. I dont want to go to another shop. I’m afraid will buy un-necessary things. :-p I’m finish shopping, and went back to Pantai Hillpark, and prepared for the party.

Here we go… Atiqah’s wedding party at Laman Kayangan, Shah Alam


My first time, wearing a Muslim dress to the wedding party :p


With the  bride and Groom, and also Accenturian.




Photobooth as a wedding gift. :-)

So thats all for the wedding party. I had so much fun. I really enjoying my ‘free’ life. Thanks a lot all. You guys Awesome! Thanks to Nugi for the ride to the wedding, and also to Pantai Hillpark. ;)

Day 4 – Last Day In Kuala Lumpur

Huhuhuh,, why time is fly so fast. If can, I want to stay longer. Huhuhu.. Back to reality! I’ve packed all my bags and ready to go around 11 AM. But suddenly, the heavy rain was came. I was waiting at Leo’s place. So, while waiting the rain, we just took a selfie picture. Hahahaa. As usual.. I love take a #selfie picture. :p Here we go…


Me, Leo and Desy

And finally the rain has stopped around 12 PM. So, we decided to go to KL Sentral. Its lunch time. But I need to drop my luggage first. Since I took Malaysia Airlines, so I can drop my luggage at KL Sentral, no need to bring my luggage to airport. Once finish, we were looking something for lunch, we decided to eat Nandos at Nu Sentral mall. Why Nando’s again? Because there is no Nando’s here in Indonesia. Aahhhh…. I really dont wanna go back.. *hug desy and leo* :-*

And ofcourse we took some pictures again. :-D We (hhmmmm maybe only I) looooooooooooooove taking a #selfie picture so much. LoL


 Cute Duck Face :D


I’m hungry.. Chicken Please :D

Hmmm… I full already! And finally the time has came. Its time for me to go home. Huhuhu.. Bye Bye Kuala Lumpur. Special thanks to Leo and Desy. You are my favourite couple!! See you again on June. :-D I will come back again on June 2014 to watch an Orchestra at Malaysia Philharmonic Orchestra at KLCC. See you soon!! Many thanks for everything! :-D Adios!